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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was created as a self defense martial art. At CTA we believe that technique really does conquer all!


We have Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programs for Men, Women and children of all age and skill levels. In addition we also offer MMA/Striking classes twice a week!


Do not wait to get in shape before doing a trial. BJJ will get you into shape as you have fun developing functional strength.


We have Women’s Self Defense, BJJ Seminars, and Birthday Parties.  We also offer Corporate Self Defense seminars as well.

5 Reasons to Join

Our Family Environment
At the Strong Heart Academy we believe in the one team philosophy! Regardless if you are a world champion or taking your first class, professor Mike Martin and the instructors... READ MORE
The Next Evolution of Learning
If we don't know where we are going how are we ever going to get there? At the Strong Heart Academy we follow curriculums designed by Professor Mike Martin and Professor...READ MORE
Self Defense
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was created to enable a smaller, weaker person to be able to defend themselves against a bigger, stronger opponent. At the Strong Heart Academy we teach... READ MORE
Clean and Safe Environment
When you visit the Strong Heart Academy, Phoenix, you can expect a clean, safe training environment. Our mats and facility is continually cleaned throughout the day. On our... READ MORE


The Strong Heart Academy is a member of the Caio Terra Association (CTA). CTA was founded on the belief that through Jiu Jitsu we can change lives. Lead by 11 time world champion, Professor Caio Terra, CTA is one of the top teams in the world. As a CTA academy we believe that technique really does conquer all and the results support this. Following a curriculum designed by professor Caio Terra and used by two time adcc champion and the only two time IBJJF no gi absolute champion Yuri Simoes, multiple time world champion Rudson Telles, national and pan american champions Vitor Paschal, Kim Terra, Ryan Walsh, Renato Tagliari, and Kaniela Kahuanui you know that your instruction will be top notch! We offer a FREE 3 day trial to all our programs. Stop in today, you’ll be glad you did!