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Strong Heart Academy | Phoenix BJJ
From everyone at the Strong Heart Academy | Phoenix BJJ, we would like to wish you and yours a happy Holiday season. This year we have so much much to be thankful and it starts with all of you! From all the staff at Strong Heart | Phoenix BJJ we would like to say THANK YOU.
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Xavi earns his Purple Belt
Xavi has earned his purple belt.  He had to show his technical skills as well as enduring a gauntlet.  All advanced belts at Strong Heart must go through gauntlets.
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2017 Southwest BJJ Classic
Strong Heart Academy earned 3rd place out of 70 BJJ schools at the 2017 Southwest BJJ Classic.  Our kids brought home many medals including golds.  Congrats to all competitors for their hard work!
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Luke gets his Purple Belt
After over 15 years of training BJJ, Luke Krumtinger has taken his Purple Belt test and passed. He survived the gauntlet and he was given his Purple Belt. Many students get busy with life, but
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