About Us

Caio Terra - 11 time World Champion

Caio Terra is a pioneer in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has produced his own champions under him in his school system. Not only is Caio a great BJJ competitor, he is able to teach students and relay technical details. Some world champions are great competitors, but not great teachers, this is not the case with Caio.

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Caio Terra Association Phoenix
Phoenix Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

About Strong Heart Academy

Personalized “Non Corporate” BJJ Many school systems produce “Corporate BJJ” where they have a curriculum that is cookie cutter. At Strong Heart and CTA we support our students and build their game to play off their individual strengths.

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Our History

Originally Professor Martin trained under Joe Moriera and was promoted to Black Belt.  Professor Martin met Caio Terra, a young BJJ World Champion and began to take seminars/privates and developed a friendship.  Eventually Caio Terra started his own Association and Strong Heart Academy joined Caio Terra Association.  We have learned so much from each Professor and it has made Strong Heart Academy a unique style.




Years of Knowledge between Professors

Strong Heart - Caio Terra Association

Professor Martin's 2nd Stripe

Joe Moriera

Our Blackbelts

All of our BlackBelts have gone through Guantlet's for their advanced belts. Each has a style that can help many advanced BJJ practitioners.