9. Flow

9.  Flow

Jiu jitsu means gentle but sub hard. This goes off the concept of percentages of effort. 60, 80, or 100%. If you use 100% effort, you will burn out early. A black belt match is ten minutes long. You may be able to grapple at 100% for ten minutes, but by the next match, you may not have the energy for it. It’s like running sprints up hill, while curling 30 pounds. Movement should be 60% effort. A transition should be 80%, but a submission or an escape should be at 100%. If you use 50% effort to choke someone, they will use 100% effort to defend. If you use 50% effort to defend a choke, they will use 100% effort to choke. The same goes for escaping a bad position. You must commit 100%. Sixty percent movement allows you to back out of it if it’s not going well. These bursts of 100% effort should be less than 30 second intervals of bursts of effort.