8. The Guard is Active

8.  The Guard is Active

You must sweep, submit, stand up, or take the back. The guard’s position was originally a defensive position. Now it is much more dynamic. It should not be used to stall. The options are: take the back, sweep, submit or stand up. Sweeping is my favorite option. It gives you the most options. Every guard has its own set of sweeps. Submissions are another great option. Say you must finish the fight fast or you are running out of time. Taking the back is great because your opponent can’t counter your attacks as well. Fighting larger opponents, I recommend back takes. People forget they can stand up from the guard, and during a street fight, this is the best option. Technical stand up is, in my opinion, a pillar of self-defense. If you back out of the guard to your knees, you can shoot a take down.