3. Always Kill

3.  Always Kill

What does that mean? Sounds violent. While jiu jitsu is called the gentle art, it also is a means to stop someone who is trying to hurt you or someone you love. The word ‘gentle’ comes from leverage vs. brute force. There are two types of categories of submissions: strangulation and joint destruction. Strangulation cuts off blood to the brain, making the person unconscious. It is much safer than suffocation, which is the lack of oxygen. Strangulation is also much faster. Done properly, a person can be made unconscious in six seconds. Strangulation is also temporary. The person usually comes to in a matter of seconds, whereas suffocation can lead to death. Also, people can hold their breath. When I say, “always kill,” the goal should be to finish your opponent instead of point sparring. Joint destruction is done with leverage, which happens when you move the joint in the opposite direction. The arm bar is a great example. You can extend your arm and see its full extension and range of motion. The arm bar would extend it past its range of motion, resulting in hyperextension or breaking. The good news is we have the option to say “tap,” which means to give up without injury.


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