2. Control Your Opponent

2.  Control Your Opponent

The name of the game is control and it starts with grips. Every match starts with each fighter standing. The then shake hands and go for grips. A dominant grip means you will be able to control better. Grip fighting begins because your opponent also wants to dominate grips. Beginners tend to allow grips and tend to grip incorrectly. You should avoid allowing your opponent to grip you, but if they do, you constantly need to be breaking you opponent’s grips. Control doesn’t just mean grips. It can also be done with hips, arms, shoulders, head, knees and elbows. Each position is a different type of control. The common saying in jiu jitsu is “position before submission.” If you can immobilize your opponent, it is much easier to apply your submission. Attacking consists of taking space away. On the opposite side of the coin, escaping is creating space.


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