1. Train More Than You Think You Can

1.  Train More Than You Think You Can

The truth is that you must train at least two times a week to learn anything in jiu jitsu. Three to four times a week is where the real growth happens, and five to six times a week is necessary you want to win a tournament. You must set a schedule the days and times you will be training. Get a calendar and fill it with your training schedule. Without making this time a priority it will be on the back-burner. You must also sit down with your significant other about your personal times and make sure they respect it. Girlfriends tend to demand large portions of your time, so it’s important to let them know you will make time for them, but you need your own personal time as well. The other option is to invite them to train. Time management will change your life. You must prioritize the important goals in your life and set times for them. Consistency is the key to success.!


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